Thanks for expressing an interest in potentially partnering with us.

You’ve obviously read about the game and it’s piqued some curiosity for you and your business. There are a number of different ways that we’re looking for companies to be involved in FSS, including:

  • Overall sponsors of the site
  • Advertisers
  • Prize providers
  • Surveys with game players

We believe there are 3 core reasons to work with us:


We will have a database of highly engaged, passionate AU surfers.

Your brand messages will reach a targeted, niche and highly receptive audience.

Most importantly, they have bought into our ‘doing good’ model, so are supportive of the brands who support these causes.

The game and business model is designed to encourage more people to play more often, which will be to the benefit of our partners who will gain greater exposure to this audience.


By association, you will be able to affiliate with the environmental causes and grassroots surfing we support.

Think of it as CSR, but at no extra cost or effort to yourself!

We will be directing the revenue to the Surfrider Foundation ( and State Surfing Associations, so by partnering us you will be seen to supporting these fantastic surf-related causes.


Our background is in marketing and analytics.

We can help you plan your campaigns with us, from segmenting and targeting our audience, to developing the most appropriate communications or messages.

Furthermore, we will also assist you in calculating the ROI of your campaigns with us.

If you’d like to hear more, please leave your details below: